Pulling for Alaska

Invasive Weeds of Alaska

These are the five invasive weed species which are currently the focus of CANWIN activities. There are other invasive plants, but these are ones for which grass roots efforts such as ours can make a difference now for Alaska. Learn to recognize them and help us get rid of them. Join a weed pull or report an infestation (see "To Report Invasive Weeds").

Bird Vetch
Also called "Alaska kudzu," this plant crawls over and climbs up other plants, monopolizing light, water, and nutrients

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Orange Hawkweed
Once orange hawkweed gets established it's VERY difficult to get rid of. It forms dense mats, replacing and crowding out all other plants.

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Whether its flower are white or yellow, sweetclover is easy to spot. It spreads rapidly along rivers and in areas disturbed by wildfires or other events. It's important to pull it as soon as it is spotted!

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Purple Loosestrife
Gardeners love this plant's pretty plumes. But it easily escapes gardens and invades ponds and wetlands, destroying fish and bird habitat.

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Canada Thistle
With its spiny leaves, it's easy to see why this plant isn't popular with people or wildlife. It's also one of our most insidious invaders since it can readily reproduce from stem and root fragments. The best defense is to get it out as soon as it appears.

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