And their story continues...

The statute covering noxious weeds gave the Department of Agriculture enforcement duties, so when management of the box store chose not to take action, Troy and Lori Zaumseil made a phone call. What they discovered is that although the statute did give the Division of Agriculture authority in these matters, there was no funding or staffing to carry out those duties.

They wrote to every one of our state legislators asking them to take action and protect the interests of Alaska’s citizens by working to create a state program. Representative Craig Johnson responded and HB330 began its journey. Troy and Lori began speaking Community Council meetings to make people aware of the threat to Alaska.

They have been invited to speak at several local, state and national meetings including the Alaska Association of Conservation Districts, the conference for the Committee on Noxious and Invasive Plant Management (CNIPM – link), the National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week in Washington DC, the National CWMA conference in Reno, at conferences in Ely and Elko Nevada and Oregon as well. While in D.C. they had the opportunity to meet with all three members of the Alaska delegation and are very encouraged by the positive response received from all three.


   Troy and Lori Zaumseil meeting with
   Representative Don Young to discuss
   the threat to Alaska from invasive plants.




Troy and Lori Zaumseil spend much of our spare time working on this issue, but they are determined to share what they have learned with their neighbors and fellow Alaskans.

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